About Us

A leader in our industry, we at Jim Davis Enterprises, Inc. will always take responsibility for our actions. We are proactive, not passive, continuously reviewing our practices to ensure a constant level of positive growth and improvement. Internally, we take safety, environmental, and production processes very seriously. We as a brand are fully committed to not only our customers, but our employees, suppliers, shareholders, regulators, and all others whom we do business with. The highest standards are the only standards used in our business. We make this promise from day one.

jim-profileJames H. Davis, Sr.
Jim Davis Enterprises Inc.

Fully committed to the business that he founded many years ago, Jim is involved in all aspects of his enterprise. Inspection of the job site, to pricing, to supervision of work; from start to finish he stands above the rest. His reputation is at stake and no job is too small for his personal attention. More often than not, Jim will be found running the paver, driving the roller, hand shoveling or raking asphalt; supervising his crew and answering the questions of the customer.

jimmy-profileJames H. Davis, Jr.
Vice President
Jim Davis Enterprises Inc.

One of the most experienced members of the crew, Company Vice President, James H. Davis, Jr., is a perfect example of dedication to the company, as a direct result of the quality product and service offered by his father, as well as fair employment practices.